Brand | ÉSTIE


ÉSTIE is a new luxury:

It all began in the 15th century Tallinn when the region was known as producing great leather goods. By then Tallinn was called Reval and it was one of the Hansa Union cities. Leather goods were already then exported over Scandinavia, North-Germany and Netherlands. From that period our country is intertwined with quality craftsmanship. Craftsmanship and creativity merge into unique and unrepeatable. First ÉSTIE collection which translates its love of travel and culture in the production of fine fabrics, using noble natural materials with innovative designs. ÉSTIE was dedicated to serving Nordic noblemen. 

The collections are exclusive and they are distinguished by the originality of materials, quality, processing and printing. The ÉSTIE adventure began on Müürivahe street, a busy yet small street whose location in the heart of Tallinn made it a main thoroughfare once used by the aristocracy. The brand was named ÉSTIE because of its spelling and taste of French.


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